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Photosession for "D I F F E R E N T" - exhibition by Dayana Kazakova 

A beautiful jewellery collection, where Dayana Kazakova portrays the personalities of 5 independent female characters, which she combines under the title D I F F E R E N T. The project portrays 5 types of women that inspire the author. She gives them a fairy-tale, movie-like interpretation and through them the author personifies the objects created by her.

D I F F E R E N T  presents : Trés trés chic - Canela - Alice's riot  - Lolita - The City



Très très chic

She crosses the room quickly. Standing between the black and white, between now and later, she stands between herself. Royal. Polite. Born with glaciers in her eyes she looks around. And those shoulders, always straight, always très chic. Her shoulders. You can’t tell where she’s coming from nor where she’s going. Then you tell yourself that she can only come from somewhere different. In the architecture of the evening, in the calmness of that femininity, she smokes. Her eyes are searching. Who is she waiting for? Herself? I don’t know, but don’t expect her home soon.

- Rene Karabash 

Jewellery design: Dayana Kazakova
Photography: Hristiana Ivanova
Post-production: Christian Stoytchev
Text: Rene Karabash
Model: Niya Kotseva


D I F F E R E N T - the complete collection


All visual material on this page courtesy to Dayana Kazakova