October 12 - 18 | 2015

Ai Weiwei
The man himself. 

Source: WIRED

Source: WIRED

This is an ongoing obsession. I saw his artwork in the Royal Academy of Arts in London at the beginning of September. The exhibition marks his return to Europe after five years. Five years he spent in China, where the government put him under investigation, took his passport, kept him in prison, tried to suppress him. An artist, a legend, a pioneer.

"One of the world's most provocative artists."

This week, following "Sofia Biting Docs" festival, I went to see "Ai Wei Wei: The Fake Case" 2013. A documentary that follows Wewei around after his release from 81 days in solitary confinement, held by the Chinese government in an attempt to stop and silence him, marked as investigation with unclear reasoning. The movie came to me as a natural continuation of the exhibition I visited a few weeks ago, as it showed the process behind his emblematic work S.A.C.R.E.D. It showed the personal side of Ai Weiwei (if it was ever hidden), his struggle with being followed, type-wired and bullied by the government and tries to give a comprehensive knowledge of the personality of this artist. Weiwei is a charming extraterrestrial, one of those people that breathe trouble and exhale social change. These lines would never be enough to describe him and the motions I go through. I recommend exploration. 

RA exhibition
"Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case": IMDB


Why am I hearing this now?!

I've been using Apple Music service for more than 3 months now (as became evident by the fact my free trial ended). I love it because it manages to present me new artists that fit my taste by analysing what I like listening to. And this is how one afternoon while I was cleaning the house I heard these amazing rap verses, pouring out of my speakers in South-London accent.

Who is this guy?

"Man try say he's better than me
Tell my man shut up
Mention my name in your tweets
Oi rudeboy, shut up
How can you be better than me?
Shut up
Best in the scene?
Tell my man shut up"


I love this video! It's shot in a park, Stormzy's pouring live on the instrumental while his gang is behind him ("I got a mob like A$AP Rocky"). He's kind of shy, but he knows well how good he is (and how fast!). You feel the energy from the excitement of his friends, they are well proud. 

"Lo-look I'm a boss man like Birdie, I'm a badman like Shirley
If grime's dead then how am I here?
Big man with a beard like me, look how am I scared?"

And this video too! One shot in a typical South London neighbourhood, Stormzy demonstrates his lyrics with plastic boards handed by his friends and text on his t-shirts. Mid-time the video stops interrupted by cars and funny text appears on screen. I love this guy. 


Around COS
Life inspiration

Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with COS. I wear the brand, think the brand, live the brand. 

This week COS dropped a short film by Lernert & Sander, which explores the new collection in a hula hoop - round and round - video. 

Just watch.