October 19 - 25 | 2015

"The currently most hyped fashion label in the industry" - i-D



I came across an article about this Parisian brand in the Pre-Fall issue of i-D. Vetemenets started off two seasons ago (currently running its 3rd) as a brand with anonymous designers behind it. It doesn't follow fashion rules, season and trends. Created as to "oppose" the posh side of Parisian fashion, Vetements seeks inspiration from street style culture, everything that's anti-chic and alternatively weird. 




The "face" of the brand, Demna Gvasalia (who was appointed as the creative director of Balenciaga at the begging of this month) describes Vetements as a "gipsy brand". Everything they do is backwards to the accepted fashion rules. They present their collections at alternative locations - the last two being sex club and a restaurant. The collective started off with a "studio" which turns into a nightclub every weekend. Free wine is included in the budget and despite the rise of the brand, the parties still go on. 


Prices: Vetements's pieces run from 500 to 2,000 EUR and it's definitely not something you would plan on your monthly budget. (my advice: better buy 1 expensive thing, than 10 cheap/trashy ones).

Accessibility: (where to shop) NET-A-PORTER ; La Garçonne

Personally: I would wear most of the pieces I've put up above. But Vetements immediately hits my soft spot - there's nothing more that I love than good ol' high-waisted jeans. And theirs are perfect! I even had a dream this week - I was arranging my clothes and found a pair of high-waisted jeans. I checked the label and it said "Vetements" and I was like "But of course I would have their jeans! I would be shocked if I didn't!" :) 


What you see is all there is...


I'm currently reading "Thinking, Fast & Slow" by Daniel Kahneman. He introduces a concept which is stuck in my head all week. WYSIATI, or "what you see is all there is" serves to describe the human nature of "jumping to conclusions". Kahneman divides our mind in 2: Section 1 is fast and intuitive, while Section 2 is deliberative and slow. When faced with a challenge, Section 1 immediately observes and makes decision on what's obvious. It is Section 2's job to analyse, take into account other factors and provide multiple solutions. However, as Kahneman points out, Section 2 is lazy and takes an effort to be engaged.  

Example (gif above): Section 1 will tell you the upper arrow is shorter than the other. You don't have the measurement in your head, but from first glance you are sure this is right. You will have to engage Section 2 in order to measure and figure out that actually the two arrows are equal in size.

Personally: I engage my Section 2 most of the time which often leaves me drained and exhausted. Even when I act on "intuition" I would analyse all possibilities, leave out the weak ones, make the best decision according to the facts. Nonetheless, I often end up with multiple solutions that seem justifiable when the information is scarce. 


non-rappity rap

I was browsing through music and came across this very soft track which fit perfectly with my slow-wind evening.

I love male vocals and I immediately embarked upon finding who this guy D.R.A.M. was. Imagine my surprise when I found THIS video:

D.R.A.M. = Dope. Real . Ass . Music .

D.R.A.M. is a complete weirdo that loves to have fun! The song is catchy, you see him dancing with a while wool sweater amongst "chicas" and elderly classy gentlemen. And those visual effects, huh? I always love an alternative approach (to everything).

Further: Although he is relatively unpopular still, the last couple of weeks he received much attention due to the fact that Drake's new song "Hotline Bling" has a similar beat to "Cha Cha". More on that here