October 26 - November 1 | 2015

It's a revolution! 

Chance is a 22-something rapper from Chicago, that goes under the name of "Chance The Rapper". I first heard his music in 2013 and then had the luck to go hear him live in an underground club in Brussels, where he preformed in front of a small crowd. I couldn't stop listening to his mixtape on repeat for a few months and I can say it got me through some really hard times. 

Chance is a very special case. This week I saw an interview he did with HOT 97 and I was really impressed. He is not signed to any record label as he wants to be his own boss and make money off of himself. He has 3 mixtapes, the lastest being "Surf" which is free for download on iTunes. He hasn't stopped touring for the last 2 years and receives wide appreciation for his music. He does collabs with arists such as Erykah Badu, Janelle Monáe, Childish Gambino. He promotes new artists and is active in social movements. A sweet, creative, hard-working and down to earth guy with not much publicity on his personal affairs. His father is the chief of staff to the Mayor of Chicago. His little brother is in music too. Did I mention he starred in a short movie for VICE last year?

Artists like him remind us that the established system will not always be here to stay, especially if the new forces don't feel comfortable in it. The young creative minds need space to experience and grow. No rules, no limits, no labels. 


AW'15 film - HERE NOW

KENZO, much like every other major brand, released a movie presenting their new AW collection. Written and directed by Gregg Araki, who is deeply involved with the New Queer Cinema movement, the 6+ minutes video resolves around the lives and loves of a bunch of friends, meeting in a bar, all wearing the new collection. It reminds of a teenage movie from the 00s. And check out the opening burger scene...