November 16 - 22 | 2015

Trust me, daddy! 

Skepta on tour : meeting the US crowd

Skepta on tour : meeting the US crowd

Following my current interest & obsession with UK grime (no surprise, as this genre is taking over the world atm), this week I got to know Skepta - the 33 year old former DJ from Tottenham. He has been around since 2007, however in 2014 he became super famous with his song "That's Not Me". 

Noisey published a documentary about Skepta, which follows the artist on a completely sold-out tour in East Coast America & Canada. 

The energy in the documentary is amazing. Once again, it gets to show a bunch of kids who started making music and only dreamt of going on tour. Skepta himself is a really tall and strong guy who requires respect. He has the face of a leader and his mere presence, even through the videos, is intimidating. You don't want to cross that guy. And, at the same time, he is sweet and kind.

My favourite moment in the documentary is when two chicks get on the tour bus with Skepta and his friends, and when they cheer, the chick sitting next to Skepta yells "SPEKTAAA". Silence settles and everyone realises she said his name wrong. Her friend tells her "It's SKepta! SKepta!". But it's too late. Next scene on the tour bus - the girls are gone. Skepta laughs and says "She had to go."

Favourite song by Skepta atm: "It Ain't Safe". Video below. 



"Rapper" Sun Ho and pastor's wife 

"Rapper" Sun Ho and pastor's wife 

Have you ever wished so greatly to have a rap career, that you founded a church with your husband, who became the pastor, and then invented a scheme to steal church funds which you then invested on "becoming the greatest Singapore female rap star in the US"? No? Anyone?

Power couple <3

Power couple <3

The duo, Sun Ho and Kong Hee founded the Church of Harvest (CHC) in 1989 and since then started practicing what is called "round-tripping" - basically a very clever way to gather and steal money without people finding out. Well someone did find out eventually. The pastor and his compatriots were found guilty last week and that's how the story blew up. Read full article here. 

Sun Ho's career didn't turn out to be successful despite all the money invested in her. But check this out! In 2007 Ho (Hoe?) worked on an album with no other than Wyclef Jean! And they did a song and video together. Watch and laugh, people:

Asian Invasion? China wine? Wine? Wine? 


Lost & Found

This week Pusha-T released a video for his song "Untouchable" which is Notorious B.I.G.-sampled. I haven't been much into Pusha-T in the last couple of years, but this track changes everything for me. New album is coming up this December. Can't wait.