November 23 - 29 | 2015

Aye, Lanthimos, we meet again

I've been contemplating for a long time to sit down and watch this movie. Dogtooth (2009) is one of the earlier works of Yargos Lanthimos, the same guy that directed The Lobster (2015). The reasons I contemplated were two: first, my friend, who told me about it, said "It's a really freaky movie, make sure you watch it in the right emotional state". Second, The Lobster really played with my mind (I reviewed the movie on my Nov 2-8 post).

However, in the midst of tiredness and emotional exhaustion, last Sunday evening I sat down to watch it. The plot is about a different social structure of a family (I always love me some alternate social structures) where the parents have told the children (who are adults) that they shouldn't leave the house until their dogtooth falls down and a new one grows - as dangers lurk in the outer world and they must be ready for them. They've never been outside of the border of their house. They know nothing about life outside.

Shockingly and charmingly absurd. Extremely picturesque too! Lanthimos is a true genius!


A movie so great that I refuse to talk about it

Youth (2015), dir. by Paolo Sorrentino

Youth (2015), dir. by Paolo Sorrentino

Key words: scenery ; beauty ; music ; touching ; laughs ; cry ; reminisce ; rejoice.


"Of a republic's best state and of the new island Utopia"

I read Sir Thomas More's book "Utopia" in almost one breath. Published in 1516, the book depicts the imaginary island of Utopia, and its perfect social, political and religious structure. Great book for anyone interested in political philosophy.

Interesting fact! Sir Thomas More was councillor to Henry VIII (yes, the one that had many women, killed some of them, and also made the separation between the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church). More opposed this separation and refused to accept Henry as the Supreme Head of the Church of England and was therefore convicted of treason and beheaded.