November 2 - 8 | 2015

A comedy/drama/thriller amazingness

'CIALO' / 'BODY' is a Polish movie from this year that won most of the Polish film festival awards, as well as the Silver Berlin Bear for Best Director. 

Drama, with a scent of black comedy and chillz-giving thriller scenes. Absurd and amazing! Directed by a woman - Malgorzata Szumowska. Checking out her previous projects is a must. 


"Les amours imaginaires"

We can all agree that Xavier Dolan is a genius-filmmaker-freak-o. 

In the midst of a three-days-long migrane and all kinds of medicine therapy, I decided that a good movie /and chocolate/ could be the cure I needed. I chose to watch Hearbeats, which was in my long list of “movies-to-watch” for quite some time. In the summer I saw “Lawrence Anyways” by Dolan and I wanted to see some of his earlier works. 

The story revolves around two friends and their new friendship with an Amadeus-like, handsome young boy. The friends are a woman and a gay guy (Dolan) who both fall deeply in love with the boy. The caption of the movie in French translates to “The imaginary loves”. And, indeed, it serves to show how easily we can fall in love with someone just because we have set our mind to it. Regardless of the obvious facts and breaks that make a future relationship, or even hook-up, impossible, we still choose to live in an imaginary world. The essence, for me, is the need to create feelings. To feel in love, to feel hurt, to cry, to write poetry... or whatever comes out of that impossibility. 

I have been in this situation myself and I clearly know I have put myself there, knowing that it would be impossible to be with that person. But still it feels so good, so alive, to be in love. The reality of the story in Heartbeats struck me as “you know you’ve done the same shit, shame on you”. One day after watching it my head hurts even more. Oh, well.  


"Comedy".. WAIT, WHAT?

My friend took me to the movies with the promise of a relaxing comedy for a Thursday evening. I had no idea what I was in for. 

The plot looked promising, describing a possible future social habitat where love, "the cause of everything wrong in this world" is tackled. The story is about a future where all loners are checked into a hotel where they must find their other half in 50 days or else they will be turned into an animal of their choice. 

It surely started off as a dark comedy and I laughed many times at absurd situations. But then things became weird. No spoilers, but I'm talking bloody and painful scenes (pierced lips, burnt hands in toaster, etc). My friend kept apologising for brining me to this movie.. I had nightmares after seeing the movie. 

BUT! The movie is very good, the plot is interesting and the actors are amazing (Léa Seydoux, anyone?). My opinion is that you should be in the appropriate emotional state to see this movie. 

Next up by the same director: DOGTOOTH