December 7 - 13 | 2015

UK never stops delivering.. 


I came across this sweet lady while browsing through grime playlists. She has a song series, named "Queen's Speech" where she raps witty lines about everything & everyone and is absolutely scandalous (in the best way). My favourite one so far:

"And I can't stand girls, who take their heels off when they're in a rave
I'll step on your big toe, just to remind you how to behave
Because you can't do them things man
How do you think?
When the rave smells frowsy, Cus your feet stink"

Lady Leshurr has been around for 6 years but never managed to gain any success due to the fact she refuses to merge with record companies and follow their suite. She gained popularity this year through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Snapchat... Who needs a manager anymore? 

While reading about her, I learned that in her lyrics she specialises in BANTER. Basically, banter, as described by FADER is "making tired, puerile, cruel jokes at everyone else's expense and getting away with it because, apparently, nothing is ever serious".

Watchout for this lady in 2016. 


[2nd generation] - Korean heritage

IISE is a Korean streetwear brand which attracts me for its simplicity and clear-cut designs. It is ghetto and formal at the same time. A$AP Rocky & Kendrick Lamar at the same time

"IISE" stands for "2nd generation".

This week the brand put out a dope fashion film! 

IISE' stores can be found in Seoul, Hong Kong, USA, Taiwan. Online at HYPEBEAST