December 14 - 20 | 2015

My favourite occasional rapper

I was browsing through Lady Leshurr's Snapchat (I discovered her last week) when I heard a song, so smooth and sensual, that I had to find it! 

Bryson Tiller is a 22-year-old from Louisville, Kentucky, who, according to Wikipedia, is a song-writer and "occasional rapper". This is my favourite definition! Added to the fact that Tiller just put up his debut album - T R A P S O U L, which is full of songs about love & its problems. As if you ever needed another reason to text your crush at 5 in the morning..

One blog site describes Bryson perfectly:

If Drake and The Weeknd had a singing baby, it would be Bryson Tiller.

Bryson is going on tour in 2016 [sadly only in the US, for now]. 

Listen to T R A P S O U L here:


Japanese brand goes inventive

The Japanese fashion brand BUYMA published a short choreography with 2 naked ballet dancers and drones hoovering over them with tiny pieces of paper, covering the nudes as they dance. Titled "A Kind Drone", the video shows a brand going a new marketing way. 

When I first saw the video I had no idea the brand behind it was a fashion brand. Drones are all over the place right now, but I haven't seen before is them being used in arts projects. Naturally, it got my interest. I saw little of the brand itself after some research and even though this video project may not spike sales, it inevitably serves as defining a new brand image for the company. One that is inventive, experimental, loving beauty & simplicity. 



What do I love more than the brand /COS/ itself? 


Last week COS put up a video in support of London Contemporary Music Festival. For the film the brand commissioned NOWNESS (which is another awesomeness I would look into later). The Jellyfish shows a cross-species relationship, evolving over the sounds of selected artists from the festival's programme. 

It's beautiful.