November 30 - December 6 | 2015

Rihanna takes over, again

This week the tickets for Rihanna's seventh world tour dropped. My initial idea was to see her in London mid-summer at Wembley. On Friday I woke up early, took out my computer and started browsing tickets and I figured I would prefer to see her in a smaller town, similar to the last time I saw her live in Antwerpen [in 2013].

So, next year, on the 15th of July, I will go [alone] to see Rihanna, with support acts from The Weeknd and Big Sean, at Nice in France! 

Full list of dates & locations here



Next week marks my 25th birthday. I remember when Rihanna (yes, Rihanna is one of my obsessions) had her birthday and posted "I'm an old bitch now!". I don't really feel I'm growing old, more like I'm entering the "mature" age, where questions like "What the fuck am I doing with my life?" & "Am I doing it right?" become a frequency [as opposed to occurrence]. 

My girlfriends are throwing me a party and this will be the first time I celebrate my birthday in many, many years. I have mixed emotions and one prevailing is that I don't have time to party! I have to work! I have to create things! Fast! No time! My God! 

One wish I make for myself is that this milestone marks the beginning of more patience in my endeavours. Patience to let the processes I'm creating have time to develop in their best way. Patience to see the love & beauty around me. Patience to be calm. 

25th, baby. "I'm a patient bitch now!"