January 11 - 17 | 2016

DJ KHALED - The movement
He will give you the key. 

DJ Khaled is taking over our social media feeds! It all started a few months ago when he published a "motivational" video. Peep below:

Another one? Anyone? Another one? I have to admit it, firstly I found it extremely ridiculous. 

Next I got hold of his Snapchat account. I learned that he has become this very big Snapchat celebrity, receiving his own tag next to his name (the key*) and own stickers ("Ride with me to the journey of more success"). I saw he snaps a lot, so I got me some popcorn and sat down to watch. 

And this became a daily routine. Basically, like every "celebrity" (how and why Khaled is famous is a whole other question) DJ Khaled talks about himself a lot. But what he does with this is tell us the bad and hard times he went through and how if he can succeed, we can all succeed! His snaps are HI-LA-RI-OUS. He snaps his everyday life, including showering & snapping (Ladies, beware!), eating, being in meetings, watering his plants, or drinking champagne in the pool (under-the-water, yeah). Every snaps consists of important advices. (and too much personal insight).

Some of the common features of his snaps are concerned with "They". Khaled calls "They" the people who don't want to see you succeed. "They used to look down on me. Now I look down on them." Psssssssst.

Besides being hilarious and everybody making fun of his snaps, I think Khaled is actually doing a good thing. Sometimes it's really nice to hear something positive. Believe it or not, if you hear him 10 times saying "You smart.. You loyal.." you get off with a good feeling. 

Good guy, Khaled. Go follow him on Snapchat on the journey of more success.

why going to bed when you're down is the best decision
Lessons learned

Theo and Beau. Photo courtesy: mommasgonecity.com 

Theo and Beau. Photo courtesy: mommasgonecity.com 

Throughout my teens I had this general rule that I would never go to bed angry. I would always try to straighten out an argument with a loved one, or generally try to lift my mood up. An attempt not to bring the negative in my sleep and in the new day. 

However, growing old and wiser, I learned to let go. I figured that in the dark of the night, the inevitable feeling of "ending" (i.e. the end of the day, pressing you to end the day the right way) I make the worst decisions. 

A recent study by the National Sleep Foundation states that staying awake longer burns out a molecule called ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is responsible for the energy in each of your cells. It is what gives you energy to do things. Sleep replenishes this molecule, but if you go too long without it, it starts to affect areas of your brain responsible for judgment and self-control.

And this is how bad judgments are made. You are tired and angry, you try to fix your "angry" but only make it worse by not being able to make rational judgments. Just letting go and going to bed ensures you wake up fresher and with a clearer view on the problems. It guarantees making a more balanced judgment. 

So there it goes. Whenever things seem like at their worst, like Armageddon is coming, just switch off and go to bed

P.S. Photo above is by an amazing blogger, who started taking pictures of her son and new puppy sleeping. It turned into a very big thing. Check their website & also find them on instagram @mommasgonecity.