April 11 - 17 | 2016


"Out here it's all about our hustle. And that's it." 

Nothing like a good movie, recommended by a complete stranger. 

Tangerine is a movie by Sean Baker which follows the story of two transgender prostitutes. The movie's description on IMDb states:

"A working girls tears through Tinseltown on Christmas Eve searching for the pimp who broke her heart."

Sin-Dee (pictured below) comes out of prison on Christmas Eve and hears that her boyfriend (and also pimp) has been cheating on her with a "fish" (i.e. real woman). The movie's plot follows Sin-Dee around town looking for the "fish", finding her and dragging her throughout town (by the hair) so she could confront her boyfriend. Parallel story is that of Alexandra, Sin-Dee's best friend (and co-worker) who navigates between helping her friend and organising her live performance. A secondary story is that of an Armenian taxi driver, who's in love with Sin-Dee.

Every character individually holds a personal drama, which inevitably collides in a group culmination. 

Kitana Kiki Rodriguez as "Sin-Dee"

Kitana Kiki Rodriguez as "Sin-Dee"

Sin-Dee (Rodriguez), Chester (James Ransone), Alexandra (May Taylor). 

Sin-Dee (Rodriguez), Chester (James Ransone), Alexandra (May Taylor). 

The characters' emotions are transparent and relatable, albeit they come from a different world than most of us. Another important point to outline is that the movie has been shot with an iPhone! 

If you're in for an unusual, freaky, violent & emotionally sensitive story, Tangerine is your movie! 


i.e. The "Milkshake" story

I'm definitely not a Twitter person. Probably the most over-used excuse ever, but I don't get the idea of sharing my everyday thoughts in 140 characters for the world to read. I just don't think it's that important. On the other hand, Twitter is a very useful tool of staying up-to-date with trends & world affairs. 

In the past weeks a certain story started trending all over the web and, naturally, it got my attention. Apparently, a guy named Josh Raby tweeted out a story, concerning his visit to McDonald's late at night, having the milkshake craves. His journey turned out into a hilarious story. 

You can read the full twitter feed here. In short, Josh was greeted by a staff member, who was apparently in a very-complicated-relationship, which led to him not receiving a milkshake, but getting 2 pies and a mistaken burger order. In short - a mess. 

What followed - his story went viral! And I mean really, really viral. Different media started contacting him regarding the story. McDonald's reached out to him, offering a limo drive and the so-desired milkshake! The Twitter story teller got into a serious media frenzy which led to him admitting that.... while the story is not fake, he (as a writer) may have over-exaggerated certain details of the story. 

While I don't find the story exquisitely interesting, I don't understand all the attention it has been given. When you have the name of a big brand involved that must attract attention in itself, but this is not the first, nor the last time where Twitter, which is supposed to be channel for quick communication, has produced a long viral story. Remember Zola, who went on a trip to Florida with a prostitute and her pimp? 

Is Twitter our new comedy channel? Is it the short form, restricting you to pick out the most important details of your story and make it hilarious in just 140 characters, or the audience's ability to pick&choose how they read it out?

Nevertheless, Twitter is not dead. Long live Twitter!