April 4 - 10 | 2016

Best animation movie? Yep.

During my stay in London, as a tradition me and my baby sister went to see a movie. As she is only 6 years old we usually see some animation that's trending right now. In light of this we went to see Zootopia, a new movie by Disney. The plot concerns the town of Zootopia, where mammals live together in harmony, in a human-like build society, and the experiences of the bunny-cop Judy, who tries to uncover a conspiracy. 

Nothing unusual up to this point. I was already preparing to be bored and praying that I have Wi-Fi in the theatre. But! I was wrong. (it happens sometimes.)

This movie contains a strong underlined social message of respecting and accepting our differences. Although the mammals in Zootopia live together in peace and the predators have left all their predatory instincts aside in the name of peaceful cohabitation, a virus starts infecting and turning predators savage! The question here being - should we acclaim all predators as savage by these occurrences and be afraid of them, or try to understand what's causing it? Apply this to our own real social world. 

The story of racial (in)tolerance lurks beneath the beautiful imagery and the innocent (and not-so-innocent) jokes. The sense of humour is so profound, that I was squeaking uncontrollably on multiple occasions, causing my sister (who didn't get the jokes) to tel me to Ssshhh!. This movie has it all! 

Take your siblings, children, loved ones & unloved ones and go see Zootopia



The Internet (i.e. the coolest blogs and websites for music) distributed a mixtape, curated and spread by Vashtie Kola (American film director, song writer, model, everything..). 

Titled "When Thugs Cry", the mixtape features new and old, romantic and very, very sensitive thugs. You have LL Cool J, Chingy, Torey Lanez, Kendrick, Biggie and even Fetty Wap!

As Vashtie herself describes: 

"I believe we are always experiencing at least one of, what I call, "The Six Stages of Love": Yearning, Infatuation, Falling, Deepening, Heartbreak, and Longing. 

This mixtape is from the perspective of a Sensitive Thug, highlighting all the six stages, starting from the beginning."

Listen to the mixtape on Soundcloud, below:


1. I Need Love - LL Cool J
2. I Can Love You Better - Mary J Blige Ft Lil Kim
3. Passing Me By - The Pharcyde
4. Come & Talk To Me - Jodeci
5. One Call Away - Chingy
6. Fall In Love - Slum Village
7. Give It To Me - Busta Rhymes & Mariah Carey
8. Satisfy You - Puffy & R Kelly
9. Coolie High - Camp Lo
10. Touch Me Tease me - Case Ft Foxy Brown
11. Sensitivity - Ralph Tresvant
12. Around The Way Girl - LL Cool J
13. Say It - Torey Lanez
14. Pulp Fiction
15. Bonnie & Clyde ’03 - Jay-Z & Beyonce
16. You’re My Lady - D’Angelo
17. My & My Bitch - Notorious B.I.G
18. All I Need - Method Man Ft Mary J Blige
19. You Make Me Better - Fabolous Ft Ne-Yo
20. Paris Tokyo - Lupe Fiasco
21. Coming to America
22. Poetic Justice - Kendrick Lamar
23. No Sense - Justin Bieber Ft Travis Scott
24. Moments In Love - Art of Noise
25. Breakdown - Mariah Carey Ft Bone Thugs N Harmony
26. ATL
27. Song Cry - Jay-Z
28. Can’t Believe - Carl Thomas Ft Faith Evan
29. How’s It Goin’ Down - DMZ
30. Makeups 2 Breakups - Method Man ft D’Angleo
31. Heartlesss - Kanye West
32. Miss Jackson - Outkast
33. Lovecrimes - Frank Ocean
34. I Wish - Carl Thomas
35. Used To Love Her - Common
36. Don’t Be Cruel - Bobby Brown
37. You Don’t Have To Call - Usher
38. I Need A Girl - Puffy
39. Martin
40. Again - Fetty Wap
41. All I Want Is You - Miguel Ft J. Cole
42. Find Your Love - Drake
43. Don’t - Bryson Tiller
44. End Of The Road - Boyz 2 Men
45. Fears Bueller’s Day Off