: Drake : May 9 - 15 | 2016

The King of Internet

I'm a sucker for Drake. I really am. I remember back in 2009 when I would start seeing this very tall, nerdy dude, who Lil Wayne proclaimed as his new big discovery, and smh. There were sketches of him all over the internet, mocking his lack of rapping skills and often feminine attitude towards music. Remember how he would "freestyle" whilst reading lyrics off his phone? I was sure I would never like him. Lord, how was I wrong. 

Naturally, he started producing hits that we would all dance to in the clubs. Then in 2011 his album Take Care came out, parallel to his over-exaggerated and over-publicised relationship with Rihanna, that I started paying more attention to his music. I had to confess, I really liked the album. Then came Nothing Was The Same and me going to his concert in O2 Arena in London, dragging my dad with me, a musician and a rock-n-roll lover, who kept nodding his head and saying "How can people listen to this bullshit???". 

Drake is like fast food. You know it sucks, but you love it! 

Two weeks ago his long-awaited studio album Views came out. It got to this point with me that if it's coming from Drake, I automatically love it. Honestly, the album is shit, compared to his old stuff. But it's still so shittily good

Drake is all over the internet, all day every day. But in the last 10 days he simply ruled it!


On May the 14th Drake made his second appearance on the show Saturday Night Live, where he not only hosted it, but was the musical star too. As evident from the previous show, Drake really is a comic star. He is naturally funny, but comfortably slips into different characters and has no problem with mocking himself, which deserves admiration.

Highlights of the moments on SNL:

First off, Drake opened the show with a sketch, devoted to all of the memes on the internet with his face on. AND with the surprising appearance of Rihanna...

"I just wanna scream... that I'm more than a meme..."

If someone can mock himself AND imitate his supposedly ex girlfriend who actually features in his song, whilst wearing a wig, well dear sirs, this could only be Drake. (Oh, aren't we all innocent victims of popular culture?)

And my favourite sketch. The Angry Drake! 

Besides being hilarious, this is something most people can relate to. You always try to be nice and polite and never react even when people piss you off! I wish I could make a Beef rap song every time I got mad with inconsiderate people! Also, the end of the song really reminded of me of The Lonely Island! Whatever happened to these guys? 


If you're not acquainted with Drake's father you've missed out on a lot of coolness. 

Dennis Graham, father of Aubrey Drake Graham is everything you would expect Drake's dad to be... and more! Not only he has the most attractive moustache ever, but he's got swagger AND Instagram account! Recently, he went to China and didn't miss out on fun! Peep below:



A Real MVP. Check his Instagram for more. 

Recognise him from somewhere? Well, he is the bad guy in white suit in Drake's Worst Behaviour video.


Drake also stopped by Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen played the usual scare prank on him, as she often does to her guests, but what came out of it (in association with his hosting SNL) is she asked fans to create a meme out of the scare prank picture. #MakeADrakeMemes :)

How about the VIEWS?

Drake's newest album, the 'Views' is No1 on Billboard 200, while his song 'One Dance' became his first No1 on Billboard Hot 100. As I mentioned, for now this is my least favourite album of his. I read somewhere commentary that Drake's album is good, but not better than his old stuff. Either way, we all love some Aubrey. The album is available on iTunes & Apple Music. My favourite song off the album by now - 'Controlla' (which I have no way of posting here, since little midges work day and night to delete unlawfully uploaded copyright material).