January 9 - 15

The new queen herself


Rarely do I get so impressed by a female artist. I show more interest in male rappers as they express more consistency and complexity - the themes not just limited to romance & sexappeal. And every now and then I am pleasantly surprised.

I came across Princess Nokia on SoundCloud, where I found her mixtape - 1992. What I experienced was a distinct sound by a tomboyish gentle voiced woman, recorded over hard rhymes and beats. I was amazed! Then came the visuals which confused me - what is this girl made of? 

So, who is she? Born Destiny Nicole Frasqueri, she is a 24 year old female rapper from New York City. Her origins are Afro-Carribean which explains the culture and expressions. In her music and poetry she often touches on political themes, such as black empowerment and feminism, based on her tough upbringing, which I think make her unique. She also adds to the list of artists that choose to work outside of labels and promote themselves - I've written about this before

A couple of days back I listened to her radio on SoundCloud - SmartGirlClub. For a 24 year old she really has something to say. One hour of her discussing life and reading from her poetry. I took out a text which really impressed me and, I think, describe her style and thoughts. 



"I done lived a couple years. I done lived a couple lives. I done fucked a couple man and I'd done been a couple wives. I done lived to tell the tale. I can tell it very well. I done cast a couple spells. Had my ex locked up in jail. I done lived many lives. I have ridden many planes. I have slept in many cars and I have lived in many trains. I am young and I am old. See, I travel with my soul. Many lifetimes left to go. Hold on, y'all, I gotta make it to my show."

You better look out for Princess Nokia in the future. She is about to be Something.

Check her out here:



Princess Nokia - DESTINY (Documentary) by FADER



I've been contemplating on this for a while. I've been brought up being thought to always show understanding and empathy towards other. "Man is not an island" and therefore to live in peace with others, one has to always take account of their thoughts and feelings. 

Yeah, but no. For most of my life I have tried to meet the expectations of others, to guard their feelings which has inevitably led to not doing what I want and having my feelings hurt. I do not believe this is a successful and promising path of life. Nonetheless, I never felt complete and self-respectful doing this. 

Let's turn this around. How about this?

One should take care first of their own happiness. That way, she can be happy with other people and, in general, the world might become a better place. 

Think of all the unsatisfied people around you. Unhappy jobs, unhappy relationships, unhappy lives - they are tough people to be around. They are the ones that would often hurt you and even hurt themselves, punishing everyone for their own unhappiness. If one was to take his own life in his hands, really take care of himself, he will be a happier and better person. You want to leave your job and go to Africa and build houses for the poor? You want to leave your bully partner and be free? WHY NOT? You would say "It's not that easy.. There are other people involved.. I can't do it..". Well, cupcake, I got news for you - life is very very very short. It's quite an oversight to let is slip, because of.. reasons.


And what about those other people that you think you might hurt, pursuing your happiness? So what, your boss won't be able to find another employee after you leave? Or your parents will be so disappointed in you that life is going to end? Or your partner will be so heartbroken they would never recover? That's all just excuses. Deep down, the people involved in your life that love you would want you to be happy. And your partner would want to be with a "happy you", not unhappy, unsatisfied version of you.

I like to make a comparison when talking about self-love and happiness. On the planes they always advise you "Please, put on your oxygen mask, before assisting others." Because if you were to put on your child's mask first, which is probably comes natural, you wouldn't live to help them survive afterwards.